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Welcome To Our Fundraiser Tracker Website

Thank you for visiting our Fill The Bear fundraiser tracker. From this site you can follow our progress as we come together to meet our goal level of $8000.00, get inportant news and info regarding the fundraiser, and see who has donated in the respective categories. We hope this helps keep our students, parents, and friends up-to-date on the Fill The Bear Fundraiser Campaign!

Please check our new Archives link for donations from 2013 - 2016 fundraiser campaigns!

Breaking News!  131% of Goal Reached!   Breaking News!   131% of Goal Reached!  

Important Date Change!   The Fill The Bear Deadline moved to Nov. 22!  

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Fundraiser Kickoff!

The Kickoff for the Fill The Bear fundraiser is happening Thursday, November 2nd!! We will be collecting for the fundraiser Monday, November 6th thru Friday, November 17th (Correction - Wednesday, November 22nd)

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How To Help

Please select the link below for more info on how to donate! Please know that we appreciate all you do for us!

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Milestone News

Follow our progress as we reach various milestones in the Fill The Bear Fundraiser Campaign!

Updated Today - Monday, November 27th